Object Raku Company Profile

Object Raku Technology is a software development and analytics firm specializing in complex geospatial architectures and 3D spatial analysis. Object Raku supplies software and services to an international client base in aerospace, defence, and forestry.

Beginning in 1997, our team has repeatedly achieved innovative object-oriented solutions to complex GIS challenges. Out-of-the-box thinking has helped us make some pretty remarkable breakthroughs in the fields of rapid 3D terrain generation and feature identification. The key to our long-term success has been and will continue to be a desire to operate at the tip of the spear; striving to create client-friendly solutions to seemingly intractable problems. It's just more fun to work at the leading edge.

Object Raku's Sextant software is an applied geospatial 3D application used by Canadian and US government agencies as well as operational units within the US Marine Corps.

The Timber Species Identifier (TSI) is a system of automated software components that analyzes LiDAR data to determine the location and species of individual trees. TSI leverages Object Raku's experience in feature extraction and remote sensing analysis. TSI allows foresters to extract the maximum return and operational benefit from their LiDAR investment.

In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, Object Raku is in the business of providing innovative custom software solutions to end users and systems integrators. The company has successfully completed custom development and integration efforts for commercial & military clients in Canada, the US, and the UK.

Areas of expertise include:

  • 3D Visualization
  • Correlated databases and tools for simulation
  • Feature Extraction
  • Geospatial display and analytical componentss


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AGI develops commercial modeling and analysis software for the space, defense and intelligence communities. Used by more than 40,000 engineers, operators and analysts worldwide, AGI software avoids the cost of reinvention, eliminates stovepipes and reduces risks associated with unproven tools.

Taan Forest

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Tla'amin Nation

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Object Raku Technology has worked with the United States Marine Corps from the company's early history and continues to support Marines at home station and deployed around the world.


General Dynamics Canada has achieved a worldwide reputation for excellence in the production of leading-edge, highly-complex, technology-based, integrated solutions for land, airborne and maritime applications.



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"All aspects of the Detachment were enhanced. Mission planners used Sextant to brief off of, Operators used it to do Mission Rehearsal Scenarios via Explorer/Blaxxun.

I was constantly on the move from one tent to the next with laptop in hand, to help Teams prep for their missions.

My Operators have never had better Target Situational Awareness in their careers. And my Operators are pretty Seasoned. During one debrief an Operator said "It was weird, I felt as if I had been there before, even though I never had."

Another response was "all the anxiety of not knowing what to expect around the target and at the target was removed from the equation!"

Sextant is a utility that is worth its weight in gold.

This software saves lives."

SSgt P.M. Hegeman, USMC

"Integration with our AGI software was very straightforward with Raku Symbol Server's well defined and documented interfaces. Plus, the great support at Object Raku quickly addressed anything we needed."

Shashank Narayan
Director, Software Technology Integration
Analytical Graphics, Inc.

"The Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre has been using Sextant for five years, and we find it to be a great asset in supporting intelligence operations. Since 2005 we have also made it a part of our regular overseas deployment software suite, where it is used both for quick turn-around missions as well as more complex modelling tasks."

Capt MR Turk
Strategic Imagery Intelligence
Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre

"On behalf of the software engineers at Technology Systems Inc. (TSI), I wanted to thank you for both your service and your excellent product. TSI had a time-compressed project to support a major Navy shipbuilding program. We needed a reliable means of incorporating MIL-STD 2525B symbology into our project. This problem was immediately solved when we found your company on the Web."

"The Raku Symbol Server gave us a cost effective, flexible method of incorporating MIL-STD 2525B symbology into our core software product. The simple interface, high-quality output, and cross-platform capability provided us with the solution we were looking for."

Thomas S. Zysk
Chief Operating Officer
Technology Systems Inc.

"Our Intelligence section had full quality control of the 3D scene. We knew it was current because they didn't start it til we received the order. It (the Sextant mission file) was up-to-the-second mission relevant. When you boil it all down, it was timely and we trusted it."

Major M.G. Carter, USMC

"We found that Object Raku's Sextant Components SDK was far and away the best solution and ideally suited for us. Sextant provides the user an easy-to-use lightweight interface that allows for rapid production of highly detailed urban environments and efficient distribution of the information to the end warfighter."

Matthew J. Harrison
Vice President
Defense Business Unit
Skyline Software Systems

"VWT brings a new depth and perception to briefing the intelligence picture in the planning process. VWT gives the ground commander the perspective of being there, walking through the mission at hand, and being able to find possible friction points before they occur. VWT takes you into the future."

SSgt K.J. Costine, USMC

"When the Tactical Electronic Warfare Systems Group at Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa was interested in demonstrating a new concept for Network Centric Warfare, they turned to Object Raku and their Sextant product to implement a 3-Dimensional synthetic environment for modeling of EW sensors on land-based reconnaissance vehicles using Distributed Interactive Simulation. Object Raku not only implemented the EW sensor models and DIS interface in Sextant, they developed a new user interface for visualizing EW data overlaid on the 'through-the-camera' view. The robustness of the Sextant product and the creativity of the Object Raku staff has enabled DRDC Ottawa to investigate these new EW concepts for the Canadian Forces."

Derek Elsaesser
Tactical EW Systems Group
Communication and Navigation Electronic Warfare Section
Defence Research and Development Canada - Ottawa

"The Raku Symbol Server allowed us to go to market quickly with a high-quality, out-of-the box solution for 2525b symbology. Object Raku's support has been excellent."

Kevin Flood,
Director, Product Management
Analytical Graphics, Inc.

"We have been using Object Raku for almost 2 years at CFJIC. We continue to find it extremely useful in support to operations."

Capt J. W. Klatt
Advanced Exploitation Section
Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre

"We ran 32 missions, we made 32 models, we didn't lose a single man."

SSgt B.W. Barnett, USMC

"During the planning phase of this operation we were able to use a laptop version of the RAKU Sextant Three-Dimensional Planning Program. This computer program provides a three-dimensional image of whatever data is inputted for many major cities and towns throughout the globe.

We were able to attach one of the members of our battalion S-2 to the 2-22d Tactical Operations Command (TOC) post as a liaison for direct information to the company.

Once it was established which objectives Kilo Company would seize, he immediately began printing out copies of photo-like images that enabled us to properly plan.

This system allowed me the ability to plan which buildings, windows and floors would be used as support by fire positions and what exactly could be seen from each window firing position."

Capt T.S. Tomko, USMC

"VWT presents one of the best platforms for the constructive use of mapping, imagery and vector data available to the Marine Corps of the future."

Sgt M. Clements, USMC

"If you want your commander to know the enemy, then use VWT."

CPT K. Giese, S2, US Army

"VWT provides smooth, seamless transition from 2D map to a detailed 3D scene. With VWT, warfighters can walk the virtual battlefield before the shooting starts. It is an outstanding tool for the tactical decision maker."

Dr. Douglas H. Kliman, PhD