Block Design Tool

Use the Block Design Tool to maximize profitability from planned timber harvest areas

Object Raku Technology's Block Design Tool (BDT) is built on the ESRI ArcGIS engine and allows the forester to outline proposed harvest areas and determine potential profitability based on harvest cost and revenue parameters. BDT is offered as an add-on to the Timber Species Identifier (TSI) and takes full advantage of the tailor-made (TSI) data formats.

Above: The Block Design Tool is a software application licensed on a per seat basis.

Revenue figures are species-specific and based on optimized product formulas. Product types can be changed to suit each company.

Harvest method costs are slope-based and depicted in $/m3 of volume to be harvested. Road and crossing costs are determined by length of feature and the amount of the side-slope in the proposed path.

Enabled by the inclusion of the TSI species data, BDT is uniquely positioned to provide the forester a timely projection of a block's possible profitability

Above: The screen capture above shows the Block Design Tool in action. Rather than actual revenue and cost figures, the example uses mock figures. The report depicts the profitability of the newly drawn proposed block (black outline). In addition to calculating revenue and costs from a manually created block area, BDT can ingest shapefiles as a batch process to determine ROI of planned harvests.

Harvest cost figures are calculated based on the slope of the proposed harvest area. Approximate costs for roads and bridges are also included in the report and so provide a rough magnitude of input costs.